Asset Accumulation

Salary, bonus, stock options, retirement plans, sale of a business, gifts, life insurance and inheritance…these items and many more provide means to accumulate assets. READ MORE

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Trebuchet Consulting, LLC.

The mission of Trebuchet Consulting is to assist you in identifying and fulfilling strategic financial goals for you and your family. We provide personalized solutions for basic and complex financial needs and offer a range of services to assist our clients, and their other strategic advisers, in asset accumulation, allocation, preservation, growth, and transfer. Our clients include business executives, professionals, retirees and their families. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your financial goals.  

Trebuchet Consulting, LLC Provides Financial
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Trebuchet Consulting, LLC provides

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Asset Transfer

The effective transfer of assets from generation to generation is a common goal of our clients. READ MORE

Asset Growth

Through tailored offerings, customized services, and access to top of the line products and professionals, TREBUCHET CONSULTING has the ability to provide added value as our clients' investment advisor. READ MORE

Asset Preservation

The protection of assets includes adequate insurance and the use of appropriate legal entities. READ MORE

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the way in which you spread your investment portfolio among different asset classes, such as stocks, mutual funds, alternative investments, real estate, and bonds. READ MORE